Thursday 7 July 2011

Lady Shona repents busway 'failure to meet promises'

Lady Shona

"I remember saying how good it would be" she said, rather wistfully "but looking at the timetable, it really isn't what we said it would be".

"I rather regret now being such a strident supporter of the system" she added.

Tim Philips, Chairman of the pro-rail group CAST.IRON laughed at length and said "well I told you so".

The Cambridge Nuisance has been given some figures of journey times from Cambridge to Huntindon over time. They aren't encouraging reading.

Fastest bus of the day (from 8th Aug 2011) between Huntingdon and Cambridge doesn't use the Guided Busway at all [6.30am Whippet in 61 mins Bus Station to Bus Station]

Historical comparisons:

1800   150mins by horse (1)

1849    55mins by rail (2)

1869    38mins by rail

1944    39mins by rail (3)

1959    36mins by rail

2002    55mins by bus (4)

2011    71mins by Guided Bus (5)

1. This involves some pretty heroic assumptions about the horses.
2. Railway Station was then located across the river in Godmanchester
3. Emergency wartime timetable
4. By Hunts & District (later Stagecoach), the main operator
5. From Hunts railway station to Cambridge Drummer Street

Figures thanks to Brynley

Tim Phillips of CAST.IRON was unavailable for comment