Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cantrill's Mega Mushrooms

Cantrill's Mega Mushrooms on Jesus Green
Ambitious councillor Rod Cantrill who took over the Parks and Open Spaces responsibility from fellow councillor Julie Smith, has been keen to build his green credentials.

Firstly he made sure he took full credit for the planting of trees on Midsummer Common and Jesus Green, although most of the preparatory work was done under his predecessor.

While hoping that the thorny issue of the Alexandra Gardens trees will quietly subside, he has been seeking to cement his green credentials.

He has recently introduced these mushroom shaped BBQ tables on Jesus Green. Unfortunately it looks like there may have been confusion by the hapless Council between metric and imperial units when they were ordered, the pictures of the new mushrooms, show some over 2m tall.

The decorative look did not exactly meet with universal public approval either. Residents groups claimed that they were not properly consulted over the colour scheme, prompting the Trees and Open spaces department to launch an immediate online public consultation. The Cambridge Nuisance has been told that the results are expected shortly.

Local blogger Richard Taylor has heavily criticised the Councils procedures. He Tweeted "Cantrill's massive mushrooms are another disaster cooked up for Jesus Green - he must explain what's gone wrong with the recipe"

Cllr Rod Cantrill was unavailable for comment.



  1. What you haven't mentioned is the psychological cost to Janet Todd's chihuahua. Nor the insult to Colour Sense that is Taylor's website.

  2. I'd have thought that the problem with Richard's colour scheme was blindingly obvious. I am not familiar with Janet Todd's chihuahua.