Friday, 22 July 2011

Moaning Minnies disappointed by opening of Cambridgeshire Busway

Hey, where's the hell's the guideway, I lost it at Milton?
Opponents of the Cambridgeshire Busway aka 'The Misguided Bus' have apparently been pouring into their local hostelries to drown their sorrows following the announcement that the busway will finally open.

Their long indulgence in schadenfreude looks to be at an end now that the service is due to open.

So what will they do now?

Well maybe. Recently, Matthew Shuter, County Council cabinet member for enterprise, said: “Buses are not necessarily the best way to get people around, and they are not the way forward for us.”

What, not the way forward? This is just over two weeks before it opens its £116 £180 million gilded busway!

We know that they've just decided to cut bus subsidies, so perhaps buses are an embarassment to them now, and err well there is their gigantic overspend on the Gilded Bus to 'sort out'.

Apparently politicians are well versed in using reverse gear and the U turn. Neither manoeuvre is of course possible on the said guideway, in more ways than one.

Tim Phillips of CAST.IRON was unavailable for comment.



  1. Personally I'm distraught. For years the news of its problems have lightened my mornings.

    All of us have nothing now for breakfast except the CCC vs BamNutters legal action.


  2. Don't worry, something else will tip up!!