Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hunt for missing councillor continues

The hunt continues for the missing Cambridge City Councillor whom our informant said had not been available for meetings for about a month now.  We enquired into the identity of the missing member, but a Council spokesperson was tight lipped as to their identity.

Nevertheless The Cambridge Nuisance can now exclusively reveal the mysterious missing member to be Cllr Rod Cantrill.

Missing Councillor - master of disguise?
But what of the softly spoken Mr Cantrill? Perhaps he has been on holiday, maybe wandering around one of the fine City Parks that he is so proud of?  Steering well clear of his Mega Mushrooms of course.

Camping would be against official policy but an exception could have been granted for him and his family.

Cllr Cantrill is reputed to be the owner of classic sports car, however we assume that has remained at his home, and isn't parked somewhere in the long grass on Midsummer Common.

Or maybe it is parked somwhere there and he is testing out the efficacy of the enforcement department at the Council, who job it is to clear campers and vehicle owners off the commons.  If that is the case he can probably stay there in perpetuity judging by their past performance.

But how would he have accessed the common I hear you ask, as all the gates are padlocked shut? We are reliably informed that the gate near to the Fort St George pub is often left open, so he would have had every opportunity to enter that way.

Members of the Parks and Open Spaces team have apparently been out during the summer days on the various green areas, looking for their boss, hoping to catch him unawares sunbathing.

However Cllr Cantrill seems to be a master of disguise, because despite recent searches of Midsummer Common and Jesus Green, no sign of him was evident. Maybe he only comes out at night?

Cllr Rod Cantrill was unavailable for comment.

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